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Karbid: Berlin — From Lettering to Type Design

Karbid: Berlin — From Lettering to Type Design

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Karbid: Berlin — From Lettering to Type Design is a trilingual (French; English; German) book offering a remarkable insight into the history and practise of German writing and lettering, notably the output of sign painters.

The book contains a detailed documentation of hand-painted signs in Berlin after the fall of the wall, alongside the story of a typeface that they inspired.

This, and the wider story of German lettering and sign painting, is placed in context and brought to life through myriad archival images.

The publication is beautifully produced, rigorously researched, and will be of interest to anyone wanting to explore the connections between lettering, sign painting, and type within a specific historical and geographical context.


  • "Amongst my favourite books about typography and lettering I have read lately, Karbid, Berlin — From Lette­ring to Type Design stands out as one where I possibly have learned the most new things. I am thankful for the authors to have taken me on this fascinating journey in a lesser-known area of letter art." — Yves Peters


  • 22 x 30 cm (9 x 12 in)
  • Softcover, 132 pages
  • 575 g (20 oz)
  • ISBN: 978-2-35654-024-9
  • Published 2013

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